Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinet Dealer for Enjoyable and Lasting Results

Daisy Ratnasari

Expect a professional designer working with cabinet dealers to carefully consider the space and give unmatched knowledge of a range of products. With this knowledge they can match the project with the perfect cabinets to fit any budget and want. Not only that, the choices will be on trend to offer any space the highest return on investment.

Cabinet dealers often give design work at no extra charge as long as the cabinets are purchased from them. Look for those that consider the design a part of the overall process they’re offering to save money and still get high-end products with the best service possible.

Select the Best Dealer

Cabinet dealers are plentiful, and it can be overwhelming when it comes to selecting the right dealer for a kitchen or bath. Be sure the dealer specialized in what the project is, bet it a new build or a remodel. Also, be sure they specialize in the type of work being sought-after. Finally, be sure the dealer feels like a good fit. Trust a gut instinct and if it seems too good to be true or shady at all, move on. There are so many choices!

Visit the showroom – Most cabinet dealers have a showroom of sorts where one can go view, touch and experience the product and not just seeing a 2D photo on a website. This is important! It also allows the designer to ask plenty of questions about the project at hand.

Relay time frame – Right away express when the desired finish date is. If the cabinet dealers already have a tight schedule it may not work out.

Express budget and concerns – Being up front about the budget saves any added expenses, saves time viewing items that are too costly, and helps the designer know exactly what to show. Don’t beat around the bush with prices, be straightforward and get exactly what’s desired in a price range that’s acceptable.

Be specific – The more specific a buyer is about what they want for a project, the more likely they’ll be satisfied with what they’re offered. Share all the details of what is imagined and what feel would be perfect for the new kitchen or bathroom. This is the best way for them to help!

Effective Communication

It’s okay to trust that the designer from the cabinet dealers that are chosen will handle the project well. Just keep in mind they likely have hundreds of projects going on at once, so feedback is important. When they express any concerns or have any options, listen intently. Knowing all the details with them is the way to have a successful project. Choosing and installing cabinets is a complex project and there are several products involved to include the cabinets, finish and hardware as well as cabinet functionality and interior to name a few. Anyone who wants to experience an efficient project should focus on what they are told and offer up any opinions throughout.

By following this simple guide, anyone that is upgrading their kitchen or bath will be more than pleased with the end results. Cabinet dealers are everywhere, so read reviews to make sure that earlier customers are satisfied with the process before signing on the dotted line for services.

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