What is the Difference Between Modern and Contemporary Interior Design?

Daisy Ratnasari

Both were a 20th century marvel when they first started to over-throw the rustic or antiquarian type of solid furniture and patterned furnishings, which had dominated home decor for centuries. So, what is the difference between modern and contemporary interior design? Modern design is the use of lower cost furniture, which is clean, stylish and mass produced. Contemporary design came about later in the 1900’s, and is more of a leaning towards using recycled materials, glass and an all manner of molded variations of plastics, plaster and the use of chrome too. That is what is known as the difference between modern and contemporary interior design.

• The major difference is that modern design uses more tabular steel, iron or chrome. Although the two designs are similar, later in the 20th century, materials started to become molded into curvy shapes, plywood used on walls, cabinets and benches. Each one of those styles can transfer to contemporary, although it is neater, linear and spacious rather than funky.

• Many think that the difference is the timing. It is said that many modern designs become contemporary over time. This is another reason they are so closely linked but also why they are different. Contemporary design is elegant and could last a very long time, whilst modern changes regularly.

• One area which both designs are similiar is the styling. Both follow symmetry, composition and clean cut lines. Both have nice, clean looks and can be very long lasting, even if modern does transfer into contemporary at some point along the way. Whichever is your personal preference, your house will soon be called home, as both designs are very comforting as well as chic, elegant and suave.

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