The Many Fascias of Vinyl Siding

Choosing how you want to decorate the exterior walls of your home can lead to a certain amount of confusion. Painting requires that you re-do the paint job several times over the years even with today’s newer more durable paints.  Most of today’s homeowners are choosing vinyl siding due to its low maintenance and ease of cleaning.  Some exterior vinyl wall coverings allow you to paint it if you so choose, but most people opt for the low maintenance type.  There are several brands and color choices from which to choose so no painting is required. There are also various types which also can cause some confusion. The following information should help you eliminate at least some of that confusion and guide you in the right direction.

A basic overview of some types and brands of vinyl siding:

Norandex – Norandex is a one of the leaders in the siding industry for many reasons.  The quality, features and selection are among the few reasons they are so popular.  They offer horizontal, vertical, green approved, residential, cedar, vinyl and many other types of exterior wall coverings.  Color Hold is one of their most popular options due to its ability to resist fading and its beauty.

Heartland – Heartland is another leading brand name in exterior wall coverings. They offer a wide variety of styles and colors in residential, commercial and contractor sidings. Their options include CedarMax, Arbor Glen, Sofrit, Board and Batten and HeartTech. Much like other quality name brands Heartland offers options from affordable basic to premium siding.

Dutch Lap – Dutch Lap is also referred to as Cove Lap and German Lap.  This style uses a tongue and groove installation.  Traditionally, it is wood exterior wall covering as opposed to vinyl.

Solid core – Solid core siding is designed to not give when pressure is applied.  For example, if you’ve ever leaned against vinyl siding you know that it gives a little. That’s because it’s hollow.  The solid core type uses foam to insulate and keep it from giving when you lean on it.

Keep in mind this is a mere flash of the various brands and kinds of siding available on the market today. Always do your research before choosing wood, cedar or vinyl siding so you can be an informed shopper.

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