The Islands of Bahamas

Daisy Ratnasari

Newcomers to the Bahamas Islands always find themselves in an exquisite experience of having not just one but many destinations to visit and enjoy. Between the borders of its Great Inagua and Grand Bahama, there are thousands of uninhabited cays and islets to explore and about 23 unpopulated islands to stay in.

Bahamas Islands truly presents a tasteful Caribbean ambiance with its island hotels set amongst pines, palms and miles of powdery, iridescent sands. From the deserted strands of the San Salvador and Exumas to the pink sands of the Harbor Island, it features an endless cadence of turquoise waves that roll along the shores. Such is an alluring experience that entices every visitor for a pristine beach walk or a smorgasbord travel to other islands during the day. At sundown, the beautiful Bahamas Islands becomes a great hunting spot for the elusive green flashes. This breathtaking, tropical phenomenon is awaited by many Caribbean visitors.

Its inland gardens and national parks house various rare and exotic animals that no adventurer ever fails to visit. These places serve as sanctuaries to many species including those that are extinct and endangered. Abaco Parrots, Giant Green Turtles, Bahamian Iguana and West Indian Flamingos are just a few of these interesting creatures in the Bahamas Islands. There are hundreds of other species to discover.

The Bahamas Islands is also distinguished for its cooling trade winds and calm waters. Sailing races and regattas are being held year-round in these islands. Considered the birthplace of the Gulf Stream, legendary game fishes in this Caribbean paradise have been attracting sport fishermen around the globe. There are numerous international fishing records that have been set in its waters, that even the well-renowned Ernest Hemingway considers it a home.

Featured with a beautiful reef mass, the Bahamas Islands has diverse underwater parks that fascinate visitors. It has one of the longest underwater cave systems in Lucayan that reveal significant historical information even before the times of Columbus. Off the Grand Bahama Island, surrounding coral reefs showcase more than an acre of undersea wonderland. Plus, its stunning waters extend vastly with sensational underwater caves and hundreds of Caribbean species that captivate snorkelers and divers around the world.

Restaurants and food places in island hotels also offer delectable experience to many food lovers in the Bahamas Islands. The local Bahamian cuisine, mostly centered on seafood, boast sumptuous Caribbean delicacies like the Cracked Conch, Bahamian Rock Lobster, Conch Fritters and Chowders, Peas’n’rice, Bahamian Souse, Fish’n’grits and Guava Duff. These Bahamian dishes are spicy and uniquely flavored – features that makes more delectable for the South American and West Indie food lovers.

Ambiance, adventure and food are just a few of the fine experiences that many people get whenever they visit the beautiful Bahamas Islands. To some it is a spot to have a short Caribbean refuge in island hotels, while to others it is a place to have a nature-rich adventure. Better yet, the Bahamas Islands is one of the finest destinations to most Caribbean tourists.

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