Swiftlock Laminate Flooring Warning – It Will Make Your Neighbors Very Jealous

Daisy Ratnasari

In the last few years the number of homeowners who are choosing to lay Swiftlock laminate flooring has been steadily on the increase. Certainly if you are looking to create a new kind of look and atmosphere to any room in your home then this type of flooring is worth considering installing.

So what other benefits are there to be gained from installing this type of laminate flooring over some of the other types on the market today? Below we take a look at a number of these.

Benefit 1 – You will find that this type of laminate flooring is a lot easier to install than many others. It is just a simple case of slotting the various pieces together in much the same way as you would when doing a jigsaw puzzle.

Benefit 2 – The installation of this type of flooring is also a lot less messy compared to other forms of wooden or laminate flooring because there is no need to nail or glue it into place. It is simply a case of locking each piece of flooring together on top of the sub floor.

Benefit 3 – You will find that when it comes to Swiftlock laminate flooring you are supplied with spaces that help to ensure that it fits within the room properly. This will also help to ensure that the pieces of laminate flooring fit tightly together so the chances of it moving or becoming warped over time is greatly reduced.

Benefit 4 – When it comes to laying this kind of flooring there is no need to spend more money on purchasing some backing material to help dampen noise. This is because this type of flooring comes with the insulating backing material already attached to the base. So of course not only does it keep noise levels down as people walk over it, it proves far more comfortable to walk on.

Benefit 5 – Finally when it comes to Swiftlock laminate flooring you will find that it does need maintaining but not to the level that other types do. This is because a protective urethane coating has been applied to the laminate. As well as helping to protect it from possible damage such as dents and scratches it also helps to ensure that the look of the flooring is maintained. What you will find when it comes to maintaining this type of flooring you just need to regularly sweep or vacuum the surface to prevent dust and dirt building up and then washing it over with a solution made up of warm water and a mild detergent.

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