Room Addition Books

Daisy Ratnasari

I was surfing the Internet, the other day and I ran across a website that was selling home building books. It had a very pleasing color scheme and was easy to use. As a website designer myself, I showed this website to a few of my friends, who are interested in home remodeling and repairs. Me and my friends, love to work on our homes and often get together for larger projects, that we can work on together.

I’m planning on building a room addition for my expanding family and have done a little bit of everything. For example I have removed and build new walls in my home, added electrical light switches, replaced my kitchen sink faucet and even tiled my bathroom floor and bathtub enclosure. In my business, we have to do a lot of reading and research and I really wanted to build the room addition on my own, more as a sense of pride and accomplishment than saving money by hiring a contractor.

I love working with my family and friends on projects like this also. Anyway, back to the website that I found on home building books, I found for books and ordered them, one was on foundations and concrete work, this book provided me with the basic information needed to build my room addition foundation. The book was simple and easy to follow and I would recommend it to anyone, interested in building their own foundation.

The next book was on building green and this book gave me information on home building, that I had never even thought of and put a lot of other things into perspective. I got this book more for me than my project. The third book I bought was on plumbing called remodel plumbing and it was very informative, since I was going to be installing a bathroom in my room addition. This book had a lot of information that I needed on how to install plumbing fixtures, rough plumbing and finish plumbing. I also recommend this book for novice homeowners and handyman.

The fourth book I bought was Precision House Framing [] and this book is my favorite. I love building and this book explains everything with easy to understand and follow instructions. Did I say, that I loved this book. Any way to make a long story short, I built my room addition and so a lot of it to these books. I really recommend the home building books website for anyone interested in home repairs, home building, new construction and even feng shui.

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