Right Silk Duvet Cover Adds Luxury to Your Bedroom

Daisy Ratnasari

Buying comforters made of silk shell is expensive and you may invest in cotton shell down comforter to get the most warm and cozy sleep. However, you don’t have to solely forget about silky finish to your bedroom as you can achieve the same effect using silk duvet cover. Such comforter covers hold the comforter in place and protect the comforter from dust and mite. By covering comforters, you will not only get a smooth finish but also extend the lifetime of quilted comforters you use.

Types Of Patterns And Designs

Creating patterns and designs in silk is intrinsically artistic and hence, if you want to choose exemplary designs in comfort covers, then you have to pay more for the covering sheets. Certain designs on the fabric are created using different colored threads that are weaved together. Another artistic way to create patterns is to use solid and neutral colored thread to create patterns that catch light to display the patterns. Pleated designs at the end of covering sheets add extravagant beauty to your bedroom. The nature of thread limits the number of colors available. You can find the fabric in both vibrant and neutral colors, but patterns exploiting multiple colored threads are very rare.

Types Of Popular Silk

There are different types of threads used in making covering sheets for comforters. You need to choose the type that fits your budget and need. Finest silky threads are Mulberry and Charmeuse. Kumi KooKoon threads are also popular as they are naturally hypoallergenic. Great for queen duvets.

Maintaining your comfort covering sheets made of finest fabric is very important. Certain brands and types of threads allow you to wash the covering sheets in washing machines. However, dry cleaning at least once in two years will retain the polish of thread used in making the duvet cover.

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