Pram Shelters – More Than Just a Pram Parking

Pram shelters are gaining popularity across the country because of their immense utility. Across malls, departmental stores, day care centers or any public places, parents can now find organized spaces to park their children’s pram, push chairs and strollers. The shelters are safe and one can walk around with the children, without worrying of the Prams. This in turn also helps the organization and institutions to manage the confusion that may have otherwise arisen if the Prams were left unorganized. Schools are specially benefitted by these shelters, because most schools encourage parents to walk their children to school. If not for the pram shelters the schools would be cluttered with a deluge of Prams. The Government is also promoting the concept and schools can avail grants to cover the construct of these shelters.

As structures, pram shelters are simple. They are four walled with a roof. The latter can in various choices from pitched, flat to elliptical roofs. The skeleton of the structure is often made of non corrosive aluminium, which is durable and cost sensitive also. The walls can be glazed with polycarbonate, toughened safety glass or vandal resistant perforated steel sheet. Some prefer the glass to be UV protected, but that is an absolute personal call. One of the most striking features of the pram shelter is the security that it offers. Yes, these shelters come with security features like locked doors and power back up. Availability of power back up allows one to set up surveillance devices in case the shelter is erected in an unmanned area. Other features include drainage and guttering systems so that during rains the shelters are not affected.

The simplicity and security of these shelters have extended the popularity among people, who now install these shelters at their residences. Since they do not require much space, it can be comfortably installed in one’s backyard or terrace. The purpose is not to store Prams only. Pram shelters act as great store rooms and allow one’s home to be organized. With a growing family and specially kids at home, there is no dearth of the items that one end’s up having at their home. The pram shelter herein acts as a modified version of outhouse storage space and allows you to keep your home beautifully organized. In some cases the shelters can also act as the child’s playroom.

Pram shelters should be installed by experts and one should purchase the structures from accredited manufacturers. The latter will identify your need and suggest the best possible solution. From material to be used and security that should be there, the manufacturers take care of every little detail to ensure you a peace-of-mind. The easiest way to choose one manufacturer is to browse the net. Words of caution though – choose a reputed manufacturer and compare the services of each. UK has several manufacturers and one of the leading manufacturers is Garrick outdoor.

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