Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture – Designing the Patio to Fit Your Needs

Daisy Ratnasari

What kind of furniture you need for your patio varies based on what you are going to do on it. A person that grills and eats outside, for example, needs a larger table than someone that uses it to sit outside and read. You also don’t want to have to start bringing your indoor furniture outside because you ran out of resin outdoor patio furniture.

Unless it is a very small patio or you are absolutely sure that no one else will ever be on it, you will want a table that can comfortably sit 6-8 people and a couple of extra chairs, as well. That should really be the minimum for the amount of resin patio furniture that anyone should buy. For people with large families or people that plan on entertaining good sized groups of people regularly, you want to have room for 2-4 more people than you ever expect to have over. It is better to have too much room than to find you have too little because someone brought a friend.

People who do need room for more people really should consider having multiple tables. A table for twelve is really too large for most situations, and people across the table really can’t comfortably talk to one another. Usually you will want to get two tables that are the same size, but some patios might be better suited for one large table and one small table.

If you are going to cook out on the patio, you are going to want a table near the grill where you can lay food on. Spending a little more money for a metal table is also a very good idea here. While resin wicker patio furniture is quite durable, grills are hot enough to warp them. It is much safer just to use a metal table to avoid problems if the two accidentally do run into each other.

You should keep the rest of your outdoor wicker patio furniture away from the grill as much as possible. It has nothing to do about worrying about damage (which is just a precaution for the grill table), it just can get very uncomfortably hot sitting near a grill, and you don’t want any tripping hazards near it either. It’s just a little extra consideration for the people who are cooking and the people who are sitting around enjoying the great outdoors.

If you spend a lot of time sitting outside, either reading or just relaxing, then a couple of sun chairs and side tables are a good idea. If you have the room, try to get at least two of these. Also, be sure to get each a side table rather than sharing one between the two. It saves the hassle of accidental spilled drinks and it really isn’t much more money.

Taking that little bit of extra time to plan your patio can make the process of buying outdoor wicker patio furniture that much easier. It also helps to make sure you get the patio you always wanted. Be sure to go to our website for more information on patios and outdoor furniture. With a little research, all you need to do is call your furniture supplier and tell them exactly what you want.

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