Oak Flooring Made From Our Famous Oak Trees For Today’s Homes

Daisy Ratnasari

Oak flooring has been a leader among household floors since the early 1800’s. Many people all over the world are choosing the oak floor to be displayed in their homes. You may find yourself asking, “Why this type of wood has become so popular?” There are many reasons as to why oak floors are in such large demand all over the world. One of the main reasons oak flooring is so popular is the enhanced beauty that it will bring to your home. When it comes to wood flooring, oak is above the standard in beauty that most timbers can achieve. It is also possible to customize the look and feel of your oak floor by using stains and a variety of textures that you can choose from.

Another great reason these floors are so popular is the durability that oak offers. Oak wood is very durable and can last for a life time if properly treated and maintained. Though, this type of wood is durable, it is also very easy to work with. Cost is another reason why oak flooring is popular. Oak flooring is becoming more and more due to its pure quality. This can mean that oak floors can often be a little cheaper than other types of wood that can be used for flooring. There are a couple of different styles of oak floors to choose from. You can choose solid oak, engineered oak or prefinished oak. All 3 of these styles will make you home look fabulous.

Solid oak will often be placed over the floor joists of your home, while engineered oak is designed to go over concrete as well as floor joists and is far less effected by moisture. Prefinished oak is oak flooring that has been finished at the factory. We would always guide you towards oiled flooring rather then laquered floors as they damage very easily.There are many different types of finishes that you can choose from also. Each finish offers a unique look to the oak floor and will make your home look amazing. This type of wood floor allows you to be more flexible in your overall interior design theme. You can go with a very elegant look to one that is more rustic and classic. This means many people can achieve a certain look for their home that they may require or desire.

You can also enhance the look of your oak floor by choosing the right furniture to match the style of oak that you choose. As with any type of wood, it can scratch and damage. However, there is a way that this damage can be prevented. By placing pads under furniture legs and using throw rugs in high traffic areas, you can then greatly prevent any scratches, nicks or buffs to you oak floor.

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