My off-center window was driving me crazy – my easy interior design hack fakes symmetry, it can even be done in a rental

Daisy Ratnasari

A HOME decor lover shared an easy trick to make off-center windows look symmetrical.

She admitted that the one in her rental home drove her crazy, so she figured out an easy solution.


Callie’s off-center window was driving her crazy, so she figured out a way to hide itCredit: TikTok / calliejwindle

Callie (@calliejwindle) loves all things interior design and DIY.

She shared a quick budget-friendly hack in a TikTok video for improving your space, even when you’re renting.

She brought viewers into her bedroom to show that even though her bed is in the center of the room, it is not centered under the window above it.

The detail drove her crazy until she decided to figure out a solution.


Since she was living in a rental she couldn’t move any of her windows or ceiling fans, so she had to get crafty.

She “faked some symmetry” by placing a curtain rod in the center of the room on top of her bed.

Then, she added panels and placed them where they “should be” instead of off-center like her window.

For an added clean look, she steamed each curtain so they fell perfectly to the floor and complemented the room.

Although she was proud of her handiwork, not everyone was convinced that it would last.

“You need to add a bracket in the middle to support the bar. The bow in the rod would drive me more crazy,” a viewer suggested.

“You are 100% correct. My laziness did NOT pay in this instance,” she replied.

Thanks to “a little creativity” and “the magic of blackout curtains,” you would never be able to guess that her window was off-center.

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“I feel a whole lot better every time I walk into the room,” she said.

Someone asked why she didn’t just move the bed.

“The fan!! And the posts, couldn’t have the fan hitting them!” Callie replied.

Floor-length blackout curtains can be purchased on Amazon for as low as $15.

Viewers appreciated the design tip and how easy it was.

“This is an actual lifesaver,” a TikTok user said.

“This is so satisfying to look at. Good job,” another added.

“Genius. This solves a huge problem for me,” someone else wrote.

Her curtain rod interior design hack fakes symmetry and can even be done in a rental


Her curtain rod interior design hack fakes symmetry and can even be done in a rentalCredit: TikTok / calliejwindle

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