Invest on Soft Furnishings – Make Your Home a Soft and Warm Haven

Daisy Ratnasari

After all the furniture has been put in place, all the walls painted, and all the accessories put on display, the last thing to do is to soften up your home with soft furnishings.

Curtains, pillows, throws, and beddings are what we call soft furnishings. A home would not look complete and comfortable without these plush accessories. But people usually take them for granted and just buy anything as long as they have pillows and curtains. Soft furnishings, like furniture, should be seen as an investment.

First of all, when buying soft furnishings, you should not sacrifice quality over cost. People usually think that buying cheap soft furnishings is fine because no one would notice. True enough, there are curtains that look really nice that you can buy for a cheaper price. But take into consideration the quality. It is alright to buy cheaper ones but make sure that they can withstand constant washing. Curtains, for example, trap dust and other airborne particles so it should be constantly washed. If you buy a curtain made of cheap material, chances are it would not last until the third washing.

There are people who are allergic to fabric or fibers so they cannot enjoy the comfort of pillows. A way to solve this is to buy hypo allergenic pillows that are treated so to not cause allergies to sensitive people. There are also pillows that are treated so they would not trap dust and mites. These kind of pillows cost more than the ordinary ones but you can be assured of the quality and the comfort it brings.

More than bringing comfort while you lounge on your bed or on your couch, soft furnishings are also effective accessories that you can use to catch attention. They bring in colors that could accentuate your home even more. They could also set the mood of your house. For example, using oriental patterned throw pillows or curtains set against a clean and modern interior already sets the eastern mood. Full height curtains could also add height to your home.

Soft furnishings could also be used to give your home a glam look. Even if you just bought your couch from a flea market or a garage sale, putting in throws and pillows with rich fabric will instantly make your couch look glamorous and expensive. The same could be said for beds. Having several numbers of pillows instead of just using two will instantly make your bed look like the ones you see in hotels and expensive lodgings.

More than anything else, soft furnishings could be an additional source of warmth during cold seasons. But bear in mind that soft furnishings meant for winter could not be used for summer.

It is best to have a few matching sets of soft furnishings to match the weather. Having several sets is also the best way to make your soft furnishings last for several years because anything that you wash and wear will eventually deteriorate even if it is made of quality material. Also, it is best to dry clean your soft furnishings so the richness of the fabric and the colors will not fade easily.

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