Interior Design Ideas For a Living Room

Daisy Ratnasari

A living-room serves as the main room of the house; it serves as a multi-purpose room, which can be used for entertaining guests, to relax or retire at night and read a book, to watch a movie or TV, listen to music and much more. When playing the prime role in the house, a living-room needs to give the impression of a trendy, up-to-date yet extremely comfortable living space.

A living-room plays a number of roles, serving from an in-home movie theatre to a study room, but the most significant role played by a living-room is that of a TV lounge. This is the reason why, most of the time, the main focus while refurbishing a living-room is kept on the television – its position in the living room, the placement of the sofas or couches opposite to it and other aspects regarding the television. This is good if one considers the living-room solely a TV lounge. If a living-room is used as a multi-functional span then before setting it up, every single aspect of the room is to be taken in.

The living-room can be used for entertainment and also for formal occasions. Therefore, interior of living room should be paid special attention. The living-room reflects your personality and has to be decorated and styled according to your comfort and needs. Following are some living-room interior design ideas:

If you have a chimney or fire place area in the sleeping-room, you can make it the centre of the room. Make a small conversation area, using cushions or small tables and chairs in front of the fire place. Place the television and sofa or couch in the other corner of the apartment. Placing lamps in the corner and using large paintings in the rooms will add to the beauty and warmth of the room.

One should use a combination of light and dark contrasting colours but they should not be shocking. Do not use very dark colours on the walls as it will make the apartment space look smaller and congested.

Placing a love seat by the window in the room will make a good small corner for reading too. Placing matching or contrasting rugs in the room will make it more beautiful. Use simple decoration items. There should not be many large decor items; only one centre piece is enough. The centre piece can be placed on the table in the centre of the room.

The large piece used should be sofas, couches, chairs and bookcases. Another good idea to make use of old furniture is by using covers of rich heavy fabrics. One can also paint the furniture of dark wood colour that gives the room a classic look.

Placing fresh indoor plants can also be very useful. Small potted trees and plants in the sitting-room look refreshing to the eyes and also clean the air. Right items like furnishings and decors can greatly improve the interior of your living room if used properly.

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