Install Slate Tile Flooring Yourself or Hire a Pro?

Daisy Ratnasari

So you have decided to make an improvement to your home or office. Maybe you are building a home or office brand new and would like a certain something for the flooring aspect. If you decided on natural slate tile flooring then the appeal of the earthy elegance of it has now caused you to ponder another dilemma. Should you take on installing the product yourself or would you find a professional contractor more fit for the task?

 When you think about natural products you automatically think of earthy beauty within its charm. As anything that comes from the landscape of our planet so few are products that require little to no processing to make it usable for building purposes. Natural slate tile starts its journey to being your new floor under ground or along a rugged mountainside where it is formed from the fine silt sediment of riverbeds from a long time ago. Quarried or mined from the earth’s grasp the natural formations start as huge slabs of raw material that are milled and cut to more manageable sizes or to specific standards to what they are to be used for.

With this said the tile is not easily laid out as some lumber would be. It has its own distinct appeal and that can be a difficult thing to work with if you’re not ready for the challenge of installation. Very rarely is slate flooring perfectly smooth and regular like ceramic or porcelain tile and this makes the installation pretty tricky for the novice handyman. Different thicknesses and irregular shapes almost make the layout of the tile sort of like a jigsaw puzzle.

Although it sounds like fun the reality is if you’re not familiar with the process of putting down a natural slate tile floor like a seasoned pro would then the cost of this project and the results that would follow would put a damper on your choice for flooring. Then your other option would be to find a reputable installer of natural stone flooring for the maximum results of this process and if you decide to have the pro install then you will most certainly enjoy your decision for many years to come.

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