Sadly our food industries have completely changed the way we eat and the way we think about food. I think it’s amazing that for instance, most people (okay mostly guys but not exclusively) will pay close attention to the grade of fuel they put in their cars, the tire quality, waxes, and gadgets and accessories, yet have no idea how their bodies run at optimal functionality. adult classifieds

Many athletes and ballet students don’t treat their bodies as well as a car ……..children depend on their parents to feed them properly and most don’t. Not their fault, it takes a special focus to re-learn the whole issue of eating well.

Our muscles and brains only recognize real fresh food nutrients. That’s a fact. Many vitamins are made in a lab, and while they can scientifically be classified as “B6”, they are not recognized or digested by the body. Our bodies are smarter than we are!

What is not fresh food? Canned, frozen, processed in any way – is not fresh food. Preserved, (chemically), which most supermarkets do, (spraying ‘fresh’ salad and vegetables), hydrolyzed flavor enhancers (MSG). Yet, we get what we can get.

Awareness is just doing your best. Your instrument, brain, bones, and muscles, is your way to dance, whether as a younger ballet student, a student in a ballet for adults program, or a modern, jazz, Irish dancer, hip hop dancer or a cheerleader. Hopefully you’ll stay alert to good dance technique, how to get the best energy for dancing or other athletic practice – and how to feed your instrument so that it can continue serving you in your quest for – whatever your goals are!

Learn how to eat right. If you have a child in early ballet training, or are a student in a ballet for adults program or are another style of dancer or a cheerleader, your instrument is your life – and more.

Learn more about ballet pointe shoes [], pink satin flat ballet shoes, pink tights and tutus – the stuff dreams are made of. Get dance education like The Perfect Pointe Book, The Ballet Bible, and Deborah Vogel’s ‘dancing smart’ products for injury prevention, and become the dancer in you . Dianne M. Buxton trained at The National Ballet School of Canada, The Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance and Toronto Dance Theater. She was led by her career teaching and directing professional ballet dancers, to study ballet/sports/fitness, nutrition, and the mind/body connection.