Have You Considered a Back Garden Office?

Daisy Ratnasari

The average size of a garden in the United Kingdom is quite small, the average size is roughly half an acre. A half of an acre might not sound like much and it isn’t a lot of land to build an office or other type of structure on and still maintain the beautiful and majestic nature of the plant and animal life that comes with a garden but if you utilise the limited space well it is surprising what can be achieved. People in England and Wales who wish to have a back garden office for their home can consider using some of the following building and designing techniques to ensure that the office fits in the backyard. The following are some examples of how people can incorporate back garden offices into their backyard without having to compromise the plant and animal life.

The first way people can incorporate a back garden office into their backyard is by choosing cabins and buildings that fit the existing structure and area. Many back garden offices are buildings that are shells. Individuals will choose which office building size and shape they want, and customize the interior space. There are thousands of pre-existing designs to choose from, and people can find an office building shell that fits their garden or yard. They can take the time to measure the area, find an existing structure that fits the space, and choose how it is designed inside.

Another way people can incorporate a back garden office into their backyard is by having one custom-made to fit the space. Custom-made back garden offices might be more expensive, but they can blend in with the existing plant and animal life better. A custom-made back garden office will cost more because of the extensive building and planning involved. An architect must first come in and measure the existing space. After the space has been measured, custom-made plans are drawn up, and will include how the exterior and interior of the building is designed.

After the custom-made plans have been drawn up, comes the building phase. The building phase includes setting the foundation for the office space, building the structure, placing out the interior layout, and then building the entire building. People who are short on time will prefer to choose one of the pre-existing back garden offices because it will take less time as the structure has already been built and is ready to go it literally just needs a foundation and is essentially a sectional building which can be quickly assembled. However, both a pre-existing back office structure and a custom-made one all share the same goal; to allow people to work at home in a designated work space away separate from the home.

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