Guernsey, Channel Islands – Independently British

Daisy Ratnasari

Guernsey has affiliated itself with the UK since Norman times. Guernsey is today independent and has its own currency system and postage. The British pound is welcome in Guernsey, however the Guernsey pound is not spendable in Britain.

Traditional industries such as fishing, dairy farming and flower growing still thrive on Guernsey, however these are being supplemented with other, more modern industries. Due to Guernsey’s fiscal policies, a highly favorable climate for taxes has been created. Some of the industries that have made Guernsey home include offshore banks, insurance companies and fund managers. Additionally, other companies outside of the financial spectrum have established themselves in Guernsey. These include Specsavers, Healthspan and Healthy direct.

The unique climate of Guernsey, when combined with over 25 miles of paths along the cliffs provide the walking enthusiast the opportunity to both explore and view the wonders of nature. The climate of Guernsey provides the opportunity to view several different varieties of plants growing in the wild. These include Madeira geraniums, aloe and Kaffir figs. Guided walking tours are generally conducted during the late spring and early fall, from April to September. During the fall and spring months there are Walking Festivals conducted. Should a visitor choose a walking tour “out of season”, walking guides can be employed on an on demand basis.

The capital of Guernsey has been occupied since Roman times. St. Peter Port provides a deep safe harbor and anchorage. This geographic asset has made St. Peter Port the home of ship builders, chandlers, privateers and merchant men. Today, the all styles of buildings can be seen in ST Peter Port. Georgian and Regency styles of buildings sit side beside buildings created with a more French influence. St Peter Port provides low duty shopping on many different varieties of goods. Electronics, Cameras and Lenses, Jewelry and perfume can all be obtained at low prices. Clothing, shoes and accessories along with antiques are also available.

Guernsey while physically close to the UK, provides the UK visitor the opportunity to step into another country with little time or monetary expense. The history and the people of Guernsey welcome the UK visitor who will feel at home during their visit to Guernsey.

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