Gazebo Versus Cabana – What Should You Get?

Daisy Ratnasari

The heat of the sun is both a desirable thing and something that we could not take in long periods. It’s desirable in times where you had enough of the freezing cold of winter; it would be great to get some heat for a change. Imagine lying down on the beach or on the pool to get a tan, nothing would be much more pleasing. However, as enviable as it is, we couldn’t help but find a shady place after hours of soaking under the sunlight. Scientifically, we are not allowed to be exposed under the light of the sun for long hours because it’s like sleeping in the oven for 8 hours, and I guess you know what I mean about that. Also, you won’t be able to take the heat from the sun after such a period. That is the reason for the creation of the Gazebo and the Cabana. You can’t always run inside your house for some reason. Think of it as something that would shelter you from the heat of the sun but still maintain the feeling of the great outdoors.

Now, what is the difference between the two structures? Which is better? First, let us define each structure so that you would have a vivid idea of what’s what and which is much better.

A gazebo is some sort of a pavilion structure. Usually, its shape is octagonal or round. It is usually found in spacious areas such as gardens, front lawns of people who can afford a huge front lawn, parks and public areas. These structures can be either freestanding, meaning it could be built alone without becoming a part of any other structure, it could also be connected the walls of a garden. It could also be with or without roof and with or without walls. The materials that are used also vary. Some are made from bricks, some made from wood. There are also gazebos that are built specifically for homes. You could even build one yourself, if you are that good.

A cabana is in some way similar to gazebo. It’s a standalone structure, a temporary one. It means you can remove it anytime or replace it somewhere else. It has traversing curtains, drapes that would decorate it and sometimes it also features solid walls made of different materials. You usually would see a cabana located on beaches and pools. It’s more efficient in giving people privacy compared to the ordinary umbrellas and they most certainly provide more protection against UV rays from the sun than the traditional umbrellas. This is the reason why there are more people who prefers it more than umbrellas.

Now, which is better? For me, the two structures are two different things. They provide efficient functions on specific needs. Like for example, the gazebo is a permanent structure, a part of an area that you would never removed often, not unless you are trying to renovate. The cabana is a temporary solution for protecting yourself against the sun as well as providing some privacy while on the beach or on the pool.

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