Flooring Designs Make Ordinary Rooms Extraordinary

Daisy Ratnasari

When you walk in a home, it is often the personal touches that really make it stand out to you. Special details that have been incorporated into the home’s design and construction make it even more noticeable and special. These details can occur in many places in a home, from crown moldings and tray ceilings, to custom mantles and flooring designs. The latter can add a wonderfully elegant touch to a home and accent the usage of any room, including foyers, kitchens, and even laundry rooms. Many homeowners get design ideas from reading through a flooring review, and then implement those ideas. Two popular materials to use for floor designs are hardwood flooring and ceramic tile.

Hardwood flooring usually involves installing an area of flooring with a different finish, and in a pattern that offsets and contrasts the running pattern that is being installed in the rest of the house or room. This can be an entirely custom look for which you can get ideas from reading a hardwood flooring review, but unless you can do the work yourself, you should be prepared to pay for this service. The installation is not easy, especially since it interrupts the pattern of the rest of the room. Additionally, buying only a small amount of a contrasting hardwood may also prove expensive, since hardwoods are usually sold in bulk.

Another option for a decorative floor design is to use ceramic tiles to create a pattern. These are usually used in a bathroom or kitchen, or even a laundry room, but can make an especially beautiful statement in an elegant master bathroom. By browsing through a tile flooring review, you can find tile ideas to suit nearly any decor style and area. By using color, texture, and pattern, something as simple as ceramic can be turned into a work of art. This provides a priceless personal touch to a residence, and can be well worth the added installation and material expense, not to mention the time to create the design. These touches can take an ordinary room and turn it into a high-end room, and can make an ordinary home extraordinary.

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