Many business owners feel that their branding is complete when the logo ink dries, but branding is as much about the message as it is the symbol (if not more). So what’s all this hoopla about branding, and can your brand pass the “sense” test? 450 bushmaster ammo

First, is your company really branded? Are people willing to pay your more for your product or service than someone else? If so, you are branded. Brands, like gardens; however, needs to be tended. Still, unlike gardens, you can have the best name, mark, symbol, mascot or logo in the world, but if nobody knows about it, how will you make money?

So, how do you brand your brand? “The Internet”, right? After all, the cyber highway connects us to the world. Well, the Internet can build a brand instantly, no question. Or the Internet can collapse a brand in a nanosecond… literally. The test, then, is whether your brand can stick in a positive way. So, what makes a brand stick? Let’s look at these three ways to get some staying power:

* UVPs

* Emotional impact

* Initial Impression


UVPs are your Unique Value Proposition (aka USP, or Unique Sales Proposition), which sets your product or service apart from your competition. Simply put: What do you offer that your competition doesn’t? Many business owners make the mistake of thinking value is discounting prices rather than adding value. Added value can be as simple as paying attention to your key customers! Did you know that 68% of customers don’t buy from a company because of perceived indifference. Yes! Perceived indifference. In other words, they think you don’t care!

Emotional Impact

To develop a brand or even test your current brand, try breaking your brand down by sensory detail. People are emotional buyers, but they’re also sensory preceptors. They taste, touch, smell, see, and hear, and make many of their decisions on their reactions to things through sensory experience. How does your product or service:

* Taste? (Think “Sweet success!”)

* Feel? (Think “Pumped up!”)

* Smell? (Think “It all makes sense, now.”)