Construction Techniques for Granite Buildings

Daisy Ratnasari

Since the Egyptian era, monuments and structures were built by the workers using granite stone. Several kind of minerals in granite’s chemical composition makes it a durable and coarse grained rock. Moreover, it comes in wide choice of colours. In order to create durable yet elegant structures most of the contractors and architects prefer granite stone for both interior as well as exterior decoration. In order to create the magnificent architectural landmark by using the granite stone it is necessary that workers or contractors must use precise set of techniques as per the specifications of the building.

Traditional Mortared Stone Walls

In this traditional style buildings are constructed by placing the large blocks of natural stones in best possible position and further their gap is bonded together. Generally Portland cement is used in building the traditional mortared stone walls that is basically a mixture of shale silica, calcium, and limestone and clay alumina. In order to provide softer and flexible texture to Portland cement certain amount of lime is mixed in the mixture. Even the construction of free standing falls follow the same methodology of traditional mortared stone walls that require high degree of care as this procedure takes substantial amount of time.

Veneer Stone Walls

Veneer is kind of paste or mixture that contains very thin or flat garnets of granite stone that are used to place on the structural walls and is one popular choice for interior and exterior decoration. While constructing these walls Portland cement is used with ingredients of water, gravel and sand through that bond between stones are created. Even there are certain equipments like metal tabs that are frequently used by the constructors to place the granite efficiently. In order to reduce the structural cracking in veneer stone walls contractors also introduce the metal bars in the wall.

Slipform Stone Walls

These walls are kind of moulding art through that stonework is placed elegantly. In order to construct the slip form stone walls both the techniques that are used in veneer stone walls and traditional mortared walls are used. Granite blocks are placed together with certain space between them where concrete is introduced that act as a bond between these piece of stone. Even rebar is also introduced in these walls that provide additional strength to the structure. Eventually concrete wall covered with stone is created and in these walls workers are allowed to cover one side of cement only with granite stone.

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