Considering the Drywall Texture?

Daisy Ratnasari

One of the most important things in home improvement is to pay attention to the walls. How the walls are done add immensely to the ambience of the room. You can do more with the walls in your home than just paint them or wallpaper them. In fact Drywall Texture gives you so much scope to get creative with your home. It adds depth and character to your walls and makes your rooms look fantastic.

Apart from the aesthetic angle, Dry wall Texture has some practical uses too. Plastering and sandpapering can be avoided and wall imperfections can be hidden. Spray applications, slap brush texture with plaster and of course, Venetian plaster texturing are some common techniques used here.The basic procedure involves mixing texturing material like vermiculite or polystyrene with paint and spraying the wall surface with the mixture. Its usually requires only a single coat to be done. A combination of priming, brushing and texturing makes up for the main steps for this process, with each one of them being significant to the outcome!

One of the popular Dry wall Texture techniques is the Slap Brush Texture. Here the plaster is watered down and sprayed evenly with a texture hopper or applied with a nap roller. Then a stipple brush is used to create the slap effect. Press the brush into the Drywall Texture and pull away and repeat for the stipple effect.

The other method is Spanish Drag Wall Texture method. In this process, after applying the plaster with the texture hopper you have to let it set for about ten minutes. Then, using a big trowel, around 2 feet wide, the texture is spread. The result is a wonderful Drywall Texture!

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