Can I Reuse and Relay Laminate Flooring?

Daisy Ratnasari

Removing tongue and groove laminate flooring is not a hard project. Homeowners who need to remove the laminate will find the process simple to do. The lifetime of a floor goes through repairs, reuse and general upkeep that will require a laminate floor to be removed at some stage.

There are many reasons why someone might have to lift the laminate up to get to floor underneath, whether it is damp, water spillage or the need to access pipes. Simple tools and a gentle hand will lift the laminate planks with minimal damage, so they may be reused. Not having to replace the planks or reusing them saves money, helps out the environment all while retaining their beauty.

Reuse of a Laminate Floor

A room with beautiful flooring provides more than eye pleasing livability. Sometimes this foundation has to be removed to repair possible water damage or to figure out why one spot is buckling under pressure. Installers usually do not glue a tongue and groove laminate floor, and it can be lifted in pieces. The flexibility of this flooring allows the homeowner to relay the planks or even recycle it in a different room.

A homeowner that wants to remove laminate flooring has to be extremely careful while lifting the planks. Applying too much pressure can break off the tongue portion of the laminate. If the tongue breaks off in the removal process, the plank has to be scrapped because it will no longer fit its mate properly. Since the tongue of the plank can break off easily, it is sensible to keep a spare box of planks handy (or certainly to not throw away any excess planks from when you purchased them).

How to Remove the Planks

Tongue and groove laminate flooring fits together like a puzzle. The planks fit together snugly and do require a gentle hand when pulling them apart. The puzzle like configuration makes removal of the planks an easy project. Often you may find that it floats on a base instead of having glue secure it down, so you need not be too aggressive.

The removal and replacement of a laminate floor requires a rubber mallet and a crow bar with a 90 degree angle. It is imperative to lift the first plank that sits nearest to a wall. With the crowbar, gently pry the plank up off the floor. If the floor is glued, use caution during the removal, and be prepared to use new planks. As the planks are at a 45 degree angle gently slide and wiggle the plank away from its mate without damaging the tongue. Number each plank as during the removal to ensure a painless replacement process.

Benefits of Reusing Flooring

The reasons for removing laminate flooring can vary from owner to owner. Not only does reusing this floor save money but it also helps to save the environment. Recycling and upcycling material helps to keep them unnecessary trash out of landfills and doing so is a responsible effort towards the environment. Accessing the base floor and reusing the planks is an uncomplicated process that saves money and is environmentally responsible.

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