BR111 Flooring – The Nation’s Largest Manufacturer of Exotic Hardwood Floors

Daisy Ratnasari

As the nation’s largest manufacturer of exotic hardwood floors, BR11’s extensive hardwood flooring selection gives homeowners a variety of high-quality exotic flooring options, all at an affordable price. BR111 manufactures the highest quality solid and engineered hardwoods, meaning there’s an option for every homeowner looking to add value and aesthetics to their homes.

For solids, BR111 created “Indusparquet,” a line that features stunning exotic hardwoods including Brazilian Cherry Hardwood, Tigerwood floors, Amendoim Hardwood floors, and Santos Mahogany wood floors. Indusparquet’s floors come in 3/4, 7/16, and 5/16-inch thicknesses. Planks come in 3, 5, 5 1/2, and 7 3/4 widths with random lengths. They are microbeveled on all four sides, allowing for superb fit, minimizing seasonal movement, and preventing variations in height upon installation.

What really sets apart Indusparquet is the floors’ ultra smooth, velvety appearance – by far the best on the market. This is where the line’s precision milling and UV cured aluminum oxide finish come into play. They just scream sophistication with their polished appearance.

Another distinguishing factor for Indusparquet and all of BR111’s Floors is that the floors are all kiln-dried. Kiln-drying woods is a cutting-edge new technology that substantially decreases the likelihood of shrink and expansion problems seen with wood floors due to humidity and temperature changes.

If you’re looking for engineered hardwood floors, BR111 has two lovely lines to choose from depending on your preference – 5/16th Engineered and Antiquity Engineered Hand-scraped. If you prefer the ultra-smooth appearance of Indusparquet, you’ll want to go with the 5/16th line. Antiquity Hand-scraped, on the other hand, is a perfect choice for those wanting a vintage, old-world look to their floor.

For 5/16th Engineered, Timborana dazzles like an Autumn sunset, with a brilliant, coppery resonance. White Oak is equally spectacular, in a buttery shade that will warm any home. Just as the coppery-colored woods shine in 5/16 Engineered, Antiquity Beaujolais Cherry is breath-taking.

If you really like color variations, Zinfandel Tigerwood is a special style with bold variations in dark brown and fawn colors. If you want a solid hardwood floor and you like the idea of handscraped, Antiquity also comes in solids with similar colors to the engineered collection.

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